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Internet Auto R
(702) 570-5486
7715 Commercial Way
Henderson, NV
Atlantis Internet Group
(702) 492-1298
10120 S. Eastern Ave
Henderson, NV
Sierra Internet Services Corp
(702) 450-6601
3514 E. Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV
First Web Search, LLC
(702) 784-6000
2785 E Desert Inn Rd Ste
Las Vegas, NV
Get Reps Daily
(702) 509-1486
5330 Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV
Clear Super Deals
(702) 272-1079
393 Red Eucalyptus Dr
Henderson, NV
Web King Internet Service
(702) 898-8440
4738 Mountain Valley Rd
Las Vegas, NV
V Internet Corp Llc
(702) 361-3029
6623 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 375-7954
2316 Tedesca Drive
Henderson, NV
Network Communications
(702) 798-4511
6330 McLeod Drive Ste
Las Vegas, NV

Blade Magazine - Internet Ads

Internet Ads
Blade website adsWhy does this work?
Pervasiveness is critical in web marketing:
1) Studies show repeat placement will result in eventual click
2) 63% of all banner ads are not seen. You need quantity and consistent presence
3) Study: 2/3 of consumers who took action online were reached by ads across multiple portal sites before actually going on to make a purchase
4) Study: Consumers reached across multiple sites were twice as likely to convert as those reached only on a single site.

How does this work?

a) Ads run throughout
b) Expose your product or message to 2-3X more unique visitors than our email lists.
c) Crucial part of marketing message to fill in the gaps missed by email

1) Association with a respected, trusted magazine on an Internet full of often-shady companies
2) Studies show message needs to be kept in front of customers, who may click on the ad after seeing it previously 20 or more times
3) Video or interactive ads can increase clicks by 2-3X

Perfect for:
– Companies in industries where image, trust and respect are important
– Newer companies who have no image yet and want to establish themselves as legitimate, real players

Price: $10 per thousand ($10 CPM)
Reach: 15-20,000 unique visitors per month (new records set every month in 2009)

Google recently spent more than $3 billion to buy an online advertising company. Even search giant Google knows the value of seemin...

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